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Stage Implementation

Previously in the Dimensional Labyrinth (Labyrinth for short), the monsters in the Labyrinth were changed variably according to the Soul levels of the Saviors. However, as the specs other than the Soul level were being fortified, it led to the Labyrinth difficulty being too easy. Also, regardless of the monster’s level, the amount of Labyrinth Coins given out was the same, so it may have discouraged players from challenging the content.

Therefore, the existing automatic monster leveling methods will be discarded, and you will now select the desired stage among several stages. (The “Stages 1/2/3” from before will be renamed as “Areas 1/2/3”.)

  • From Stages 1—9, you will be able to choose the stage of your choice to try Labyrinth. (You do not need to start from Stage 1 and work your way sequentially.)
  • Depending on the stage you choose, the monster levels will be set.
  • The higher the stage, the more Labyrinth Coins you will be rewarded. (Stage 1’s reward will be similar to the rewards of the previous version of Labyrinth.)
  • If you clear Stage 9 which is the highest-level stage, you will be able to claim 50% more Labyrinth Coins compared to the coins you can get from Stage 1.
  • Gold, Keepsake, and Enhancement Stones will be given out the same way as before; or according to the monster levels.
  • First time clear rewards per stage will be given out all-at-once including the previous stages’ rewards.
  • If you select a stage once, you cannot change it until the Labyrinth resets.

Rewards Boosted

Choices and the various consequences that arise from your choices is what makes up the Labyrinth. However, the Elite Monsters gave out the most rewards in the previous version, so it became a common goal that defeating Elite Monsters was the only way to get the most rewards and buffs. 

To improve this, we have increased the rewards obtainable from treasure chests compared to before. Now you can choose between whether you will obtain more rewards by opening a treasure chest or defeating an Elite Monster to receive a treasure card. The implementation of stages will allow you to face off against stronger Boss Monsters so choices like this will become even more crucial.
Also, after defeating Boss Monsters, you could select the difficulty by choosing between left/right fates, but the rewards paid out differently based on difficulty were controlled only by the number of Elite Monsters and Mimics.

To improve this, we will increase the rewards according to the players’ difficulty level selections.

Previous Rewards

TypeFor All Areas
Normal MonsterLabyrinth Coin x60
Elite MonsterLabyrinth Coin x120
Boss MonsterLabyrinth Coin x240
MimicsLabyrinth Coin x330
Treasure chestsLabyrinth Coin x120

New Rewards (Based on Stage 1)

Normal MonsterLabyrinth Coin x60Labyrinth Coin x65Labyrinth Coin x70
Elite MonsterLabyrinth Coin x120Labyrinth Coin x130Labyrinth Coin x140
Boss MonsterLabyrinth Coin x240Labyrinth Coin x260Labyrinth Coin x280
Hidden MonsterLabyrinth Coin x300
MimicsLabyrinth Coin x330Labyrinth Coin x340
Treasure chestsLabyrinth Coin x180 Keepsake Enhance Stone x6Labyrinth Coin x190 Keepsake Enhance Stone x9Labyrinth Coin x200 Keepsake Enhance Stone x9

*Rewards will increase based on Stage progression.

Hidden Stage – Kamael’s Area

The hidden stage mentioned briefly in the previous Dev’s Notes will finally be revealed. We have been working on revising Labyrinth for some time now and as we have fixed upon the revision plan, we will be introducing the hidden stage feature together.

  • From Areas 1/2/3, you will receive 1 Labyrinth Key each. If you defeat the Boss Monster and choose the path to the left (easier difficulty), you will not receive a Labyrinth Key.
  • After you obtain all 3 Labyrinth Keys and defeat the Boss Monsters of all 3 areas, a hidden gate will open up and you will be able to enter Kamael’s Area.
  • In Kamael’s Area, the giant boss Charite will await. (This Charite will have different gimmicks compared to the Charite you meet in Guild Raids.)
  • If you defeat Charite, you will be able to obtain more Labyrinth Coins than defeating Boss Monsters, and you can also open up a treasure chest to receive a completion reward.
TypeCompletion Reward
Basic (Normal – Stage 1)Idle Gold (2H) x1Idle Mana Dust (2H) x1Soul’s Memory (Epic) x5Everstones x30
NormalIdle Gold (2H) x1Idle Mana Dust (2H) x1Soul’s Memory (Rare) x20Everstones x30
EliteIdle Gold (2H) x1Idle Mana Dust (2H) x1Soul’s Memory (Rare) x30Everstones x50
HeroIdle Gold (2H) x2Idle Mana Dust (2H) x2Soul’s Memory (Epic) x5Everstones x100
HiddenIdle Gold (2H) x2Idle Mana Dust (2H) x2Intermediate Keepsake Enhance Stone x5Everstones x120
  • Completing Kamael’s Area will open up a “Sweep” feature for that stage. 


Sweep feature will be added to Dimensional Labyrinth and this will bring about the following changes.

  • Entering Kamael’s Area and defeating the hidden boss Charite will unlock the Sweep feature for that stage.
  • Upon using Sweep, you will be able to get 125% of the average reward you can get from that particular stage. (Note this is an average future, so manually playing Labyrinth may give more rewards.)
  • Sweep will give rewards based on all you have cleared including Kamael’s Area.


  • If you could not progress further into your Labyrinth due to making the wrong selection midway, you will be able to forfeit your current status. If you do forfeit, you will return to the gate where you have to choose a difficulty after defeating the boss of the previous area.
  • Labyrinth rewards distribution method will change from:
    • right after defeating monsters > to claiming rewards all at once after defeating the boss monster and clearing the designated areas.
  • If you do not wish to progress further with Labyrinth, you can use the <Settlement> function to claim all of the accumulated rewards up to that point and end the Labyrinth.

There are various gimmicks we are devising to make Labyrinth more exciting and fun, but we cannot include these in the May 25 update. We will announce further changes to come in a separate post in the near future.

We hope you are also excited about the Evil Soul Subjugation and various updates to come with the May 25 update so stay tuned!

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