NIKKE Solo Raid information!

A new special event will be released today in NIKKE – Solo Raid!

The mode is basically Union Raid but reduced to one Boss you fight, and also instead of fighting it together with your Union, you have to do it yourself. And the more damage you will do, the higher you will score on the mode’s Ranking which in turn translates to better rewards!

The first Solo Raid event will last from May 10 to May 18 and the boss you will face there will be Mother Whale – it was recently introduced in the Chapter 21 update.

Here’s Mother Whale in its full glory:

If you want to see the fight with Mother Whale, here’s a video showcasing it:

Solo Raid explained

Solo Raid is split into two modes: Normal and Challenge.

Normal Mode

Normal Mode is very similar to Union Raid – you have to kill the boss 7 times in total. You also get 3 entries per day and each entry allows you to attack the boss with up to 5 teams (and obviously, your characters can’t be reused).

For killing each iteration of the boss you will receive Batteries, but keep in mind that apparently if you won’t be able to kill the boss with one entry (so 5 teams), you won’t be able to progress to the next level. Also, once you clear a level, you will be able to sweep it to also receive some batteries (but only 1-2).

Each of the 7 iterations has different stats (1 is the weakest, 7 strongest). The table below shows the HP stats, so you can prepare easier:

StageLevelHPFirst Clear rewardSweep reward
15516m1x Random Battery1x Random Battery
29540m2x Random Battery1x Random Battery
312579m3x Random Battery1x Random Battery
4145157m4x Random Battery1x Random Battery
5175234m6x Random Battery2x Random Battery
6185299m8x Random Battery2x Random Battery
7200322m10x Random Battery2x Random Battery

Challenge Mode

To unlock the Challenge Mode you need to kill the 7th stage of the Normal Mode boss first.

The main difference between the modes is that the formula changes – instead of stages, you will fight one Interception-like battle, but instead of one team, you will also use up to 5 teams here. Similar to Normal mode, you will get 3 entries per day and you can’t reuse the same character in the 5 teams. Also, your characters also are Synced to level 400, to make this mode a bit easier.

The total damage you do within 1 entry (so 5 teams) will decide your placement on the Ranking.

Also, apparently, the entries to Normal and Challenge Mode are separate, so you can keep sweeping the Normal stages for Batteries once you clear it and just focus on the Challenge Mode.


Ranking will be updated daily and the rewards will be sent out once the event ends. On top of the Gem reward you will also be able to obtain unique frames:

The Raid Frame Rewards have changed now, the frames are now given at:

  • Raid Frame III: Top 3%
  • Raid Frame II: Top 3-10%
  • Raid Frame I: Top 10-30%

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