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New Character – Ciel

  • Type: Counter
  • Role: Striker
  • Deployment cost: 4
  • Attack type: Ground
  • Movement type: Ground
Basic Attack – 2 Valid Hits
  • Swings her weapon, dealing AoE damage 3 times.
Passive: Black copper Blood Demon – 2 Valid Hits
  • Swings her weapon upon deployment. Each hit taken during deployment grants self +1% DMG RDC (cannot be canceled). After every 3 basic attacks, delivers an enhanced attack to the enemy in front with slight knockback, applying a 5% DEF reduction debuff (Max 4 stacks)
    • Lv2-4: EVA +20%
    • Lv5: Grants herself 100% True DMG reflection during deployment (Only direct attacks that are dealt to HP is reflected, recieved damage cannot exceed self-max HP). Immune to all hitstuns during deployment.
Special skill: Ivory and blossom – 2 Valid Hits – 20s CD
  • Leaps forward to deals AoE damage then returns. The attack unconditionally CRITs on enemies below 50% HP.
    • Lv5: Grants self a barrier equal to 30% of max HP after leaping forward.
Ultimate: Black Butterfly Crosses the Mountain – 3 Valid Hits – 43s CD
  • Ciel does not know spearmanship but instead, she is accustomed to punching and kicking. Delivers a powerful impact on the ground that sends shrapnel flying, dealing AoE damage. Enemies hit by the last shrapnel have their DEF reduced by 50% for 4s.
    • Lv5: Changes DEF Reduction to 80%

Here is what she looks like:

Other images:

New Skin

Levia Tanis skin will be added to the game with the same patch:

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  1. anon

    Damn, yenxing mommy?

  2. Boumerxp

    Ciel look realy good for raid. Will have to test if she survive and have damage tho.

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