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New characters

Maybe we’re looking too much into this, but the posts that announced an upcoming giveaway for the CN community had attached three images presenting new characters, and what’s super interesting is that the images aren’t just simple art, but they contain some information – like the character name, rarity, and element.

Two of the characters we already were able to trial in the 1.0 version of Honkai: Star Rail, but the third one is the biggest surprise – as we only saw her appear in the main storyline.

Let’s go over them all, shall we?

Silver Wolf

“Can you make this a bit more enjoyable next time?” The universe is just another game to this super hacker. No matter how thorny the defense system, Silver Wolf can crack it with ease. Her hacking battle with Screwllum of the Genius Society has become stuff of legends in the hacking world. How many more levels are there to beat in the universe? Silver Wolf looks forward to finding out.

Silver Wolf is a 5-star Quantum character who follows the Nihility path. She focuses on debuffing enemies and making them weaker, so her allies have an easier time dealing with them.

You were able to play as Silver Wolf in the tutorial.


“The coffin is not my property. I’m only entrusted with delivering it to Luofu.” A blond-haired handsome young man who carries a coffin on his back. As a member of the intergalactic merchant guild, he was unfortunately caught in the Xianzhou Luofu’s Stellaron crisis. Somehow, his superb medical skills are sure to be of use.

Luocha is a 5-star Imaginary character who follows the Abundance path. While he is a Healer first, his Ultimate actually can deal damage to enemies – which sets him apart from the currently available Healers (Bailu and Natasha) who are fully focused on supporting their allies.

You were able to play as Luocha in the Xianzhou Luofu main story.


“Just hold your weapon tight and I will take you back to the boat.” Yukong is the helmsman of the fairy boat who has a gentle temperament and handles all matters expertly. In her younger days, she was a pilot but she retired after the war. Although she now focuses on her official duties, it’s unwise to cross her.

Yukong is a 4-star Imaginary character who follows the Harmony path (check the Harmony logo on the left side of the image).

Yukong appeared in the story as NPC so her becoming a playable character is a big surprise! What’s more, since she’s a 4-star then there’s a high chance that she will be a freebie everyone can obtain from an event – this is a common thing in Genshin Impact, and hopefully Honkai: Star Raill will also follow the tradition.

Also, since she’s walking the Harmony path, we will get another buffer too! Which we badly need.

Are they coming in the next patch?

Will Silver Wolf, Luoacha, and Yukong join the cast of the available characters in the 1.1 patch? We don’t know but we can hope that will be the case. Especially Luocha arriving in the next patch would be great, as we badly need another healer – currently without Bailu you will be stuck in Memory of Chaos.

Special thanks

Big thanks to TimaeuSS who first posted news about this – you can check his video:

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