[The One Who Shall Grip] Sinclair

The One Who Shall Grip Sinclair can be unreliable, requires planning, sanity management and can even roll 0 power on Clash… but that is of small importance considering how strong he is. High Risk, High Reward? Nah. High Risk, Massive Reward.

The One Who Shall Grip is a very first unique Identity that truly relies on Tails and being negative sanity with minus power coins and impressive base powers, offensive levels and growths.

Before delving into his skills, let’s briefly explain how he works. N Sinclair requires to be at negative sanity to utilize his massive base power numbers on Skill 2 and 3 and each Tail will not decrease skill power. With positive sanity, he is even able to roll 0 power during clashes. Fortunately, all his skills drain sanity on use and his easy-to-activate passive makes him heal less SP from winning and killing which helps balance him on the edge between amazing performance and corrosion/panic.

His first skill, Coerced Judgement, is a max 8 power skill that drains 7 sanity and on Tails hit, gives him Fanatic next turn, setting him up for increased damage on skills 2 and 3. In practice, this skill is for setup only and should not be used for clashes as 8 max power won’t be enough to clash with many enemies. However, the damage potential of this skill is above any other skill 1 in the game, and in a one-sided attack it will hurt a lot.

Amoral Enactment is his second skill with an impressive 16 power and 4 coins. On use will drain 10 Sanity and if Fanatic is present, the damage will be boosted by 10%. Not much on the glance, but this skill as his first, is most likely the highest damaging skill 2 in the game. But there is more. This skill, on Tails hit AND On hit, inflicts 6 burn potency with 2 count and 2 Bleed. Not much one could say, but in a proper team, Burn with rack up fast.

Now to the bread and butter of Sinclair’s kit, Self-destructive Purge. E.G.O tier skill in terms of power as this skill starts at whooping 30 base power with 3 -12 coins. On use, this skill drains 15 Sanity and will have its damage boosted by 15% if Fanatic, and another 10% if the enemy is Mechanical Amalgam. The second boosting passive is mostly for flavor as there are barely any enemies that would apply for that. But that is of little importance as the main appeal of that skill is its insane damage potential rivaling Quick Suppression and Rip Space. In the best-case scenario, this skill after winning the clash will be doing 90 damage from base power alone. Add modifiers, buffs, debuffs, and weaknesses… and we have one hell of a monster of a skill. Effects of this skill are increased stagger threshold by 50% of the damage dealt which can result in the enemy having no stagger bat at all, meaning easier stagger, 5 more Burn if enemy has 5+ Bleed and cherry on top with +1 Blunt Power Up on kill. Those effects could not exist and that skill would still be outstanding.

His combat passive requires only 2 Owned Wrath to decrease SP gained from winning a clash or defeating an enemy which helps prevent him from gaining SP as it is not an ideal outcome for him.

His support passive is 10% blunt damage up for ally with the lowest SP, with an additional bonus, up to 10%, if the SP is low enough. With more Identities like his and more blunt focused ones, this passive will be way better than it is now.

On top of all that, N Sinclair has the unique Guard skill of Pride Sin, first Guard to have Sin, which heals his SP by 5 to 10. Not much, but helps manage his SP.

Despite being a powerhouse of Identity, N Sinclair has many issues that need to be considered. Such as being careful of his sanity and managing it to be at a negative value but not low enough to prevent corrosion, making him not only auto unfriendly, but also the player needs to pay attention to his SP values. Another thing, Sinclair own SP might be not enough and will slow his damage down, so using other other Identities, such as The One Who Grips Faust, is recommended to make him keep on going and not go fully insane.

Additionally, due to the nature of trying to avoid the complete bottom of SP pool, Sinclair will never reach that 95% tails outcome as other Identities have 95% chance of heads, making his clashes and damage less predictable and more variable than any other Identity in the game. Even at negative sanity, rolling heads on all coins and losing power completely can happen, even if not that likely, but the possibility is high. What is more, Sinclair cannot be used in Mirror Dungeon at all as there are simply too many mob fights with 4+ enemies that quickly fill his SP to the max. However, in any other content, Sinclair will have a field day. Especially in Railway where his damage can be set up and can be massive, if one carefully plans ahead.

In summary, N Sinclair is fun, unique and a very powerful high-risk, massive reward Identity that has many issues, but those are there to keep him in check, but that won’t be an issue for those who will plan ahead, and manage his SP pool carefully.


  • Ridiculous damage potential
  • Amazing clasher
  • Can work in any team
  • Rewarding and fun kit
  • Great offensive stats
  • Can stagger chapter 3 boss turn 1 to make things easier


  • Can be unreliable
  • Prone to corrosion and panic
  • Unusable in Mirror Dungeon
  • Requires to be built around and watched around
  • Not in best terms with auto

Rating – SS

[N Corp. Mittelhammer] Don Quixote

N Corp Don is a Tremor-focused identity with its damage locked behind other N Corp identities as well as her debuffs being locked to them. She is in an awkward spot as her Tremor she inflicts is negligible, her Tremor count is nice to have but hard to utilise currently as outside of LCCB Ishmael, there is no other good Tremor-based Identity to Tremor part of her kit might as well not be there currently.

Another weird part is her reliance on 5+ nails on enemies to not only do more damage but also to inflict a rather good Attack Power Down and Paralyse next turn. Outside of N Corp team, this won’t happen at all which puts Don in a spot of wanting to be in Tremor team but with no damage and no utility, or be in N Corp team, but with no Tremor which is honestly a better deal as Don can clash reliably with all her skills unless enemy has a somewhat high power of the clashing skill. Works really well with Lifetime Stew EGO.


  • Tremor support
  • Good debuffs
  • Somewhat decent clasher


  • Will have no debuffs in Tremor centric team
  • Won’t have Tremor in N Corp Team
  • Mediocre damage

Rating – B

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